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Ownboard ZEUS Carbon - All Terrain Electric Skateboard ownboard

The NEW Carbon ZEUS is an Electric Skateboard out of light carbon with a big 19.2 Ah battery for long ranges, huge motors for a powerful torque & high speed, elastic All Terrain Wheels for suspension & double King Pin trucks which gives you the feeling of snowboarding on the street or offroad. Besides this, we used an ergonomic Remote & a customized Hobbywing ESC for smooth acceleration.

Tokyo: A big city that is also pleasant to live in | Hacker News

A big limiting factor with many cities though is if you need to commute to an office. In Boston, for example, many professional jobs will require commuting out to the suburbs. In tech specifically, there's more in the city than there used to be--there were basically no major employers in the immediate urban area any longer as of a couple.

Tokyo: A big city that is also pleasant to live in | Hacker News

Any good community, big or small, is healthy. Clean air, water, good food, waste management; sensible urban planning and shelter cost; access to nature, infrastructure, and health services; intellectual and cultural prospects such as libraries, bookstores, museums, music, galleries. A "city" as a market/marketplace is rarely very healthy.

Trains in Europe, the U.S., and Canada | Omio

Traveling around Europe, the U.S., and C.A. by train is very convenient and eco-friendly. Omio has a list of popular European, U.S./C.A. routes that are faster by train than plane.

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